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Rozenholc-Escobar, Caroline

The Neighborhood of Florentin

A Window to the Globalization of Tel Aviv

Date de parution : 2010

Date de parution : 2010
Éditeur : Journal of Urban and Regional Analysis,
Volume : II
Numéro : 2
Pages : 81-95

Aside from open conflicts within Israel-Palestine, the neighborhood of Florentin is a key-space where to observe and decipher how globalization impacts on the daily-life scale and banal forms of identification and territorial appropriation. Situated south of the Tel Aviv Jaffa agglomeration, and standing in between the two historical entities, the neighborhood of Florentin also offers a fertile analytic ground for a better understanding and different narrative of Tel Aviv itself as well as the contemporary Israeli society in some of its complexity and diversity. Here, graffiti and other traces left in the streets and on the walls of Florentin by successive waves of population constitute the thread to follow for deep-reading the place