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Wang, Jieqan

China Architectural Education

China Architectural Education, 2021

Date de parution : 2022

Coopération entre le CRH, ENSAVPS et Yunnan University School of architecture and planning

Année 2021

The revival and prosperity of China's urban and architectural culture is inseparable from the young architects who can inherit traditional wisdom when actively create for the needs of contemporary life and social development. Graduation-Design is an important preparation stagefor the students of architecture to grow into an architect. It is a summary and improvement of university knowledge in bachelor years. It is one of the most important teaching links for cultivating young architects and planners. Based on situation of the School of Architecture and Urban Planning of Yunnan University, the exploration combines with the Dual First-level. Construction of Yunnan University and the training objectives of the college to cultivate elite talents with “national sentiments, international vision and forward-thinking”.

Supported by the Yunnan University Education Reform Project " Research on the Innovation and Practice of the Joint Graduation Design of Yunnan University and the Ecole National Superieure Architecture Paris Val de Seine (ENSAPVS) ", This article combines theory and practice, domestic and foreign study, work, and education experience to explore the training methods of elite talents.