DE 2 : Nano Tourisme, Ault France - C. Pottgiesser

Semestre 8

Responsable(s) : Christian Pottgiesser

Enseignant(s) : David Serero

  • Année : 4
  • Semestre : 8
  • E.C.T.S : 13
  • Coefficient : 5,00
  • Compensable : non
  • Stage : non
  • Session de rattrapage : non
  • Mode : option
  • Affilié à un groupe : non

Objectifs pédagogiques

After last year’s programme organised between the Architecture Association Visiting School nanotourism, London and Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture Paris-Val de Seine, this year’s studio focusses on larger, regional and urban relevant scales. The project will again be located in Ault, a small town in the north of France on the Channel coastline.


The programme will explore the synergies between the local community and the particular natural forces generating the social, economic and natural conditions of this town, tackling the eroding land of Ault. Once a booming tourist hotspot, nestled on the edge of the picturesque cliffs of the Picardie coastline in France, we will investigate and identify the possibilities of implementing regional and urban touristic strategies within the continuously negotiated relationship between land and sea. The teaching aims to boost the students’ critique attitudes towards the current environmental and economical effects of tourism. The challenge is how to respond and create locally oriented alternatives through site-specific processes: Smart solutions and innovative design strategies that rely on local potentials and social resources.


The studio is open to all participants, eager to research, design and speculate on the role of architecture within the world’s most thriving economic sector – tourism.


Prominent Features of the studio / skills developed:


• Ault: a town on the white cliffs of Picardie. Urban strategies for the upper and lower town.

• Process of working / learning by doing: The key teaching agenda is to research and promote the process of creation that reaches beyond ‘design’. The process is equally important as the final project itself. 

• Through a participatory action research, an approach to research in communities that emphasizes participation and action, our teaching seeks to understand the world by trying to feedback with it, collaboratively and following reflection. This approach emphasizes collective inquiry and experimentation grounded in experience and social history in order to inform the process of design and building.


• Un projet de tourisme critique.


Support de cours :

• CM, TD, Suivi permanent sur une page FB partagée.

• Mise à disposition de toute production du studio sur une DP et Gdrive.

• Présentation hebdomadaire des travaux.

• Les cours ont lieu le vendredi de 14 h à 21 h.

Suivant les besoins des séances, les salles sont annoncées sur la page FB.

Une coopération est favorisée avec le FabLab ENSA-PVS.


• Le studio est également proposé en anglais.


Suivant l’actualité la bibliographie est mise à jour sur la page FB.